Our History

The Brand Unbreakable Evolution was founded in Milano, Italy in 2007. By the artist Silvano Negri.

Silvano was born in Monza, Italy in 1964. He was commercial and creative director of the genius group and WP working progress (Vans Shoes, Atlantis Snowbord and Volcom) from 1993-97. From 1999-2004 he was the product manager and creator of Pacha merchandise, the Pacha shop and maker of the first Pacha corner. In 2007 he launched the label Unbreakable Evolution.

Giorgia Both then joined Unbreakable Evolution in 2010 as product manager, this way Silvano was able to focus on the designs.
Today Unbreakable Evolution is a family-run brand.
Silvano, Giorgia and her two daughters Lara and Mila are now building the foundation of Unbreakable Evolution.

Every piece is unique - like you

This is our slogan and also our philosophy. We want to create unique pieces and create memories with every piece we create. Therefore we let produce everything in Italy and also buy our material in Italy. Every product of ours tells a story, as our clients do.